Statistical Process Control-8

CONTROL CHARTS (Variables) Why Control Charts Understand Process Variation to achieve state of Statistical Control When Process is in Statistical Control, its performance is predictable Further reduction of common causes variation Common language for communicating Process performance More precise and accurate technique How to develop control chart Select the Subgroup Size Process Variation Detection Select … Continue reading Statistical Process Control-8


Statistical Process Control-5

Distribution The important distributions are - Binomial Distribution Poisson Distribution Normal Distribution Binomial & Poisson Distribution A lot contains large number of items with a proportion of defective ‘p’ then random sample of ‘n’ items from a lot contain 0,1,2,…p...,n defectives and the probability of getting the events approximated by these distribution. These are discrete … Continue reading Statistical Process Control-5

Statistical Process Control-4

Summarization of Data Types of Data Attributes (non-measurable) Go – No Go Gauge inspection Count of defect (no. of defects) No. of accepted or rejected items Variables (measurable) Measurement with the help of Instruments Planning for Data Collection What to collect ?   Selection of suitable quality characteristics (variable/attribute) How to Collect ? Check Sheet … Continue reading Statistical Process Control-4

Statistical Process control -3

Variations No two things are exactly alike Things vary according to a definite pattern Variation in a product / process can be detected Variation is due to common causes or assignable causes Causes of Variation Common Causes This is called in a state of “Statistical Control” This refers to the many sources of variation within … Continue reading Statistical Process control -3

Statistical Process Control -2

Definitions Statistical Control The condition describing a process, from which all Assignable Causes of variation have been eliminated and only Common Causes remain in the Process Statistical Process Control Use of Statistical Techniques to analyze a process or its output, so that appropriate actions can be taken and maintain a process in state of Statistical … Continue reading Statistical Process Control -2

Statistical Process Control

Introduction A process capability study is a procedure for evaluating a process by means of control charts to determine whether the process is capable relative to it specifications and the centering and stability of the process. Why SPC / SQC ? Policy of unsurpassed excellence Product must meet the specification Realization that 100% inspection is … Continue reading Statistical Process Control

How to use V Lookup in Excel

Example: we are checking the email id of Employee against Employee ID. Employee id 695 is checked for Email id and result is How to do Formula           =VLOOKUP(A12,A2:D10,3,0) Result     Where A12 is the look up value whose corresponding value need to be looked up A2:D10 is range of table array where value has … Continue reading How to use V Lookup in Excel

Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram also called as Ishikawa and Cause & Effect Chart Fishbone Diagram is name because of its shape is like skeleton of a Fish. It is used to list down problems all potential causes related to a problem. Methodology Team brainstorming is requiring completing this chart. Following activities need to be done: Make a … Continue reading Fishbone Diagram