Calibration of Instrument and gauges

Calibration process is conformance of Instrument or Gauge to its intended use. Calibration is done by checking the values of Unit Under Calibration (UUC) with the master gauge e.g. Vernier Caliper is calibrated by checking the values with Master Slip Gauges.

Calibration can be done In-house or by Authorized laboratory.

In-house Calibration: Calibration can be done In-house by checking the UUC with Master. Remember Mater should be calibrated by an ISO/IEC: 17025 certified laboratory. Keep the Temperature and Humidity of Standards Room as per the guideline (Temperature 20ºC ± 1º & Humidity 30-55%).

Laboratory chosen must have Compliance certification as per the ISO/IEC: 17025 and UUC must be in the scope of calibration of that particular laboratory.

While verifying the report of calibration please check the details of Master used in Calibration is mentioned on the report along with Calibration details of the same.

To monitor which unit is to be calibrated please download the calibration-monitoring



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