Fishbone Diagram

Fishbone Diagram also called as Ishikawa and Cause & Effect Chart

Fishbone Diagram is name because of its shape is like skeleton of a Fish. It is used to list down problems all potential causes related to a problem.


Team brainstorming is requiring completing this chart. Following activities need to be done:

Make a team of all relevant persons related to the problem

Team must agree on the problem statement

Record all the possible causes identified by the team.

Categorize all the potential causes in 6 categories as listed below:


List all the issue pertaining to Method used for manufacturing or doing the task having problem


List all the potential causes related to machines used in performing the                   problematic task


Here all related issues related to raw material need to be listed.


List the problems associated with manpower.


Measurement techniques used may have problem in itself list here all the issues.


Environment related issue should be listed here

List all the issues in the diagram as shown below and verify each potential cause for its presence. Strike out the issues which can’t cause the problem and do 5-why analysis on the actual cause.




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