Statistical Process Control-Variable Control Charts

CONTROL CHARTS (Variables) Why Control Charts Understand Process Variation to achieve state of Statistical Control When Process is in Statistical Control, its performance is predictable Further reduction of common causes variation Common language for communicating Process performance More precise and accurate technique How to develop control chart Select the Subgroup Size Process Variation Detection Select […]

Statistical Process Control-Distribution

Distribution The important distributions are – Binomial Distribution Poisson Distribution Normal Distribution Binomial & Poisson Distribution A lot contains large number of items with a proportion of defective ‘p’ then random sample of ‘n’ items from a lot contain 0,1,2,…p…,n defectives and the probability of getting the events approximated by these distribution. These are discrete […]

Statistical Process Control-Summarization of Data

Summarization of Data Types of Data Attributes (non-measurable) Go – No Go Gauge inspection Count of defect (no. of defects) No. of accepted or rejected items Variables (measurable) Measurement with the help of Instruments Planning for Data Collection What to collect ?   Selection of suitable quality characteristics (variable/attribute) How to Collect ? Check Sheet […]